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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Some families are best served by resolving the issues related to their divorce collaboratively. We specialize in assisting with that process.




Sometimes all a divorcing family needs is a knowledgeable professional to help with the process. We will handle the paperwork for you and make sure everything is filed correctly. We will assist in resolving any disputes as a neutral third party. This is an inexpensive and low conflict way to navigate the divorce process. Mediation represents a lower cost option than each party having their own attorney, but also comes with potential drawbacks. Schedule a consultation today to find out if a mediated divorce is right for you. Please note - Mediated divorce consultations must be scheduled with both parties.

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Low Conflict Divorce

Perhaps you have a low conflict divorce situation but still want to make sure someone is protecting your needs as your attorney. Here at Norland Law Firm we pride ourselves on not forcing clients into situations they do not want to be in. We see our job as guiding you through the process, not making decisions for you. If you want a low conflict divorce we will advise you through the process to make sure you have all of the information and knowledge you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.

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