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Divorce/Legal Separation

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Divorce is one of the most major life events an individual can go through. The consequences are long-lasting and, in some respects, permanent. In addition, Divorce encompasses a huge range of emotions from heartbreak to anger to fear to anxiety and many, many more. The stakes are too high to navigate this process on your own, especially at a time when emotions are so high. At Norland Law Firm we firmly believe that during this process you should have a team on your side. A team who has been through this all hundreds of times before. One that has your best interests in mind. One that won't be rattled by any trick the other side pulls, because we have seen them all (and have a few of our own). We are here to guide you through the process and be your calm in the storm. We believe if there is one thing you must be able to rely on when your whole world is changing, it is your lawyer and their team.

One of the reasons we offer a free consultation option is so that you can call risk free and see if we are a good fit to work together. We want to be an asset, not a burden. Call us today.

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