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Norland Law Firm LLC specializes in client communication and putting the wishes of the client first. Because we are a small firm, we can provide individualized attention and time commitment to each case – every case that walks through our door is worthy of our undivided attention. Call 608-519-3664 to take advantage of our FREE, no commitment, one-hour consultation. You have nothing to lose, and peace of mind to gain.
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We provide aggressive and thorough representation at an affordable price, and we offer client-centered representation that focuses on achieving your goals.
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A Word From Attorney Norland

I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to visit I know that if you are looking for attorneys online, something in your life is not going according to plan. You may be going through a divorce, or thinking about a divorce. You may be experiencing relationship issues and have questions about how that will impact your rights to spend time with your children. You may be charged with a crime or have received a citation. The list could go on endlessly. 

I want you to know that no matter what your issue is, I will talk to you about it. If you need an attorney, I will tell you that. If you do not need an attorney, I will tell you that, too. If it is not an area of law I am familiar with, I will find you an attorney who is. 

I offer FREE consultations either over the phone or by e-mail using the links on this website. Whatever the troubles are that brought you to this page, feel free to ask me about them and I will see what I can do to help. Sometimes the hardest step to take is the first one. I hope you choose to take that first step today. It will cost you nothing, and perhaps give you the peace of mind you have been seeking.
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