Child Custody and Placement

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Perhaps your family law issue involves custody and placement and you have already been divorced or were never married to your child’s other parent.
We are experienced in navigating that process, as well. It can be tricky and, at times, frustrating to exert your rights as a parent and to maneuver the complex system that family law can be. Issues such as child support, variable expenses, dependent tax exemptions, and countless other concerns need to be addressed. Here at Norland Law Firm we are experienced in addressing all concerns related to child custody and placement cases, and we will never stop fighting for your rights as a parent.

Attorney Norland is also a Guardian ad Litem, which allows for special insight into your custody and placement issue. Contact Norland Law Firm LLC today at 608-519-3664 for a *FREE initial consultation* to help with all aspects of your child custody and placement case.

Licensed in the State of Wisconsin. 
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Our local attorney has been practicing since 2010.

"Attorney Norland is the consummate professional. He advocates effectively and aggressively for his clients while maintaining a collegiality with opposing counsel and the court. I do not hesitate to refer people to Attorney Norland when our office has a conflict. He is an excellent lawyer who without hesitation I endorse."

-Joseph Skemp

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