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Skilled Legal Defense for Criminal Charges

We handle all criminal matters and even matters that are not criminal, such as traffic citations or first offense OWIs. 

Being charged with a crime can be a terrifying and stressful process, and you should never navigate that process alone. Attorney Norland will make sure your rights as a defendant are not violated and that you receive a vigorous and skilled defense. 

A criminal conviction can impact your employment, your relationships, or even your recreational hobbies such as hunting. Don’t let that happen without a fight. 

You can count on us for representation on a variety of charges, including OWI / DUI, traffic law violations, domestic disputes, drug violations, etc. Contact Norland Law Firm LLC at 
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"I would recommend Daniel Norland to anyone who is in need of an attorney in the La Crosse community. I've worked with other lawyers in La Crosse but they cannot compare to Daniel. What I appreciated the most about Daniel was that he was accessible via e-mail, telephone, and even setting up face-to-face meetings. He is an attorney that did not make decisions without consulting me first and explained the options to me so that I could understand. I firmly believe that he would make an excellent lawyer for anyone who needs his services."

-Ms. Clark

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