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I had an extremely difficult case, which Dan did not hesitate to take. My case involved very strict restrictions placed against me which made it very difficult for me to see and spend time with my daughter. I've never been in trouble by the law, never even had a speeding ticket; in fact, I hold a Top Secret Clearance from the Department Of Defense. At the time, I served in the Army in a Special Operations Unit. For five years my ex-wife had these restrictions set against me and in those five years I was only able to see my daughter six times. When I separated from the Army, I decided to hire Dan to reopen my case so that I could have a normal life with my daughter. Dan was very honest, educated me on the process we would be going through and prepared me for what I thought were going to be long, stressful, multiple court hearings. Dan was absolutely amazing in court! Believe me when I say HE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU! Dan was able to to get all of the restrictions placed against me dropped, we were granted everything we asked for and he did it all in one court hearing. Dan is absolutely by far the best attorney who really goes above and beyond for his client, specially his veterans!

– Bruno

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