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I have had the pleasure of being a client of Dan Norland for the past few years. At first meeting I was in a precarious position legally after a criminal complaint. Needless to say the outcome was favorable. What was more favorable were the frequent phone calls, the professional yet relaxed atmosphere, the willingness to explain everything (I wasn't as legally informed as I am now), and the absolute trust I received and was able to return in the relationship. Mr. Norland handled my criminal case and jury trial as a true confident professional and eased my mind through the entire process. As a first time legal defendant, I couldn't have made a better decision. Mr. Norland kept me informed at all times, reviewed each single process, paper, phase of the case, and fielded every single phone call (or returned it) personally. During the actual trial, Mr. Norland showed his true expertise. Mr. Norland has the best staff anyone could also hope to work with as well, both talented and proficient. Again, I couldn't have chose better for myself.
The second time I hired Mr. Norland was for a child custody/child support case. I was unfamiliar and uneasy about this one because I was a first time parent. Again Mr. Norland and his staff comforted me mentally enough to prepare for the LENGTHY process of child law cases. A complete 180 from criminal defense yet Mr. Norland and his staff again were able to educate me beyond anyone else I spoke to about child law. He stuck with me step by step and has helped me for well into a third year. The results speak for themselves and my child is safe, happy, in my custody full time, and my family is blessed to have Mr. Norland on our side. A lot of people worry about the cost of a lawyer and what they will get for their money. You will never have to worry about that with the Norland Law firm. In short, you get a competent, confident lawyer who is the complete package. I will never go to another lawyer because I know that I have one that I can count on.

– MilitaryMember

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