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Moving and Your Children

Posted by Daniel Norland | Oct 20, 2017 | 0 Comments

Changes may be coming regarding how Wisconsin handles move cases

It is not infrequent for one parent to want to relocate during a divorce. It is also relatively common for one parent to want to relocate if those parents were never married but share children together. Currently, Wisconsin law provides for system (albeit a confusing one) by which one parent is to notify the other of their intent to move.

 Current Law - Right now, if you want to move more than 150 miles away from the other parent, or across state lines, you must provide written notice at least 60 days in advance. The other parent than has 15 days to respond to that notice if they object to that move. If they object you are prohibiting from moving with the children until the dispute is resolved. That will mean mediation and, if necessary a Guardian ad Litem, and the issue would eventually be decided by a judge or court commissioner if the parties cannot agree.

Proposed Changes - A proposed bill would change the distance of the move triggering the notice requirement to 100 miles. It also addresses an issue that affects the La Crosse community frequently which is a short move across state lines, say to La Crescent, which under current law would require the notice described above. The bill purports to make the process easier, and to clarify what happens in the event a parent objects and the Court system becomes involved.

For those who are interested an article describing the proposal can be found here. The bill itself can be found here.

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